300: Rise of an Empire and Neighbors

Two movies in theaters at the same time! Woohoo! Check these flicks out if you can.    Here are some awesome set stills from 300:



So, the movie I shot last fall (Gangster Squad where I play Bettie Page) finally has a release date, January 11th in theaters! Here’s a link to an awesome article with some gorgeous production stills, pay special attention to slide number 2 :)


A freeze frame from my scene in Gangster Squad.

Nancy News

To see Nancy’s latest and greatest you can go check out her stunt skills in The Five Year Engagement (in theaters now) where she doubles Emily Blunt.

Also, keeping checking in on the gigs page to see when you can see her do live Stand-up comedy in the LA area, there are new shows every week, come on out and laugh!